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The President's Message

Welcome to the community’s own center of learning!

Since its inception in September, 2001, the Canadian Community College (CCC) has assumed regional dimensions in that students from far and wide come and stay in Abbotsford in order to take advantage of the programs and services offered by this institution.

CCC, which started off just as a language learning center as well as a translation/interpretation services center, has, from time to time, added to its repertoire several different preparatory, certificate, and diploma programs, such as International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Basic Security Training (BST) Certificate, and Building Service Worker (BSW) Training Certificate etc, etc.

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CCC`s strength is marked by outstanding success of thousands of its graduates in landing their coveted jobs in various areas of employment within as well as outside Canada. We hope and pray that God may continue to strengthen CCC so that it may continue to contribute to the personal and professional development of its students!



Dr. Hardyal Singh Aulakh
MA, MPhil, PhD



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