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We at the Canadian Community College believe in, and aim at, bringing out the best in our students and preparing them well enough to take on the current job market. Apart from the traditional classroom teaching, our instructors and senior students engage in mentoring which perhaps is the most powerful tool that can be used to shape the future. We believe that mentoring is both an obligation and responsibility of leadership. Through mentoring, the wisdom and experience of the senior students is passed on to, and shared with, the junior ones. The various aspects of effective mentoring, expressed as verbs, can be understood as corresponding to the letters in the acronym, MENTORING, as follows:

  • M odel
  • E mpathize
  • N urture
  • T each
  • O rganize
  • R espond
  • I nspire
  • N etwork
  • G oal-set

And we try our best to ensure that every aspect of mentoring is translated into reality.

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